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Iberico “carrillera”, “presa”, “pluma”, “secreto”, sirloin, loin and “lágrima”

Iberico pork products with all the essence of Guijuelo

Although our brand is better known for its cured ham and cold meats, at Marcial we also have select Iberico meats for preparing on the grill, on the barbeque, in the oven or in delicious stews and casseroles.

Iberico “carrillera”, “presa”, “pluma”, “secreto”, sirloin and “lágrima” are cuts full of flavour, greatly appreciated by caterers and gourmets. When they are cooked, their peculiarities and nuances are accentuated, the fats melt and the lean parts take on a more tender texture.

These are fresh products with an intense Iberico pork aroma and all the essence of Guijuelo. To ensure all their qualities remain intact, we sell them vacuum-packed and frozen, thereby guaranteeing that they are perfectly preserved.

Find out a little more about our select Iberian meats:



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    Iberico “carrillera”

    A richly-flavoured gelatinous meat from the lower jaw of the Iberian pig. A highly prized cut, ideal for delicious stews.

    Iberico Collar

    Cutting that contains the pork shoulder steak and which, due to its fat marbling, is ideal for cutting fillets. It has a very balanced flavor and is tasted grilled, in barbecue or baked.

    Iberico “presa”

    Forms part of the top end of the loin. It is one of the cuts with the most intramuscular fat marbling, which gives it a succulent flavour.

    Iberico “pluma”

    A cut from the end of the loin, distinguished by its flat, triangular shape. A perfect balance between the lean part and the fatty part.

    Iberico “secreto”

    A special cut to be found “hidden” between the shoulder and the fatty part of the loin. Its high content of fat marbling gives it a pinkish colour and a very special juicy texture.

    Iberico sirloin

    From the lumbar region, between the lower loin and the ribs. Its almost complete lack of fibres gives it its highly prized texture and flavour.

    Iberico “lágrima”

    Located between the rib bones, the rich fat content of this elongated cut makes it very tasty and tender.

    Iberico “loin”

    A larger-size cut whose lean meat with fat marbling is tasty and widely recognised. It combines with everything, both in the oven and in stews and casseroles.

    Iberico French Rack

    This piece from the loin, crowned with the rib bones, is highly prized by European chefs. The fat marbling melts in the oven, giving each chop a succulent texture and flavour.

    Iberico “Abanico”

    Very juicy, tender meat which “hugs” the outside of the ribs. When cooked, its extensive fat marbling melts and enhances the flavour of this sought-after meat.

    Iberico “Cruceta Primera”

    A flavoursome cut of lean meat with extensive fat marbling.

    Iberico Pork Spare Ribs Boneless

    The bones of the ribcage are covered with a tasty meat which is rich in fat, making it ideal for barbecues and cooking in the oven. Iberian spare ribs are best enjoyed when eaten with the hands.

    Iberico Pork Loin Bone In

    A much sought-after piece which offers everything, combining loin, ribs and the dorsal part of the meat which covers the loin. Both rich and varied, it can be prepared in many different ways.