Iberico Shoulder

Marcial acorn-fed Iberian shoulder, on a par with Marcial ham

Intensity of aroma, lean meat and fat marbling

Smaller in size, but with no lesser qualities than the ham. Our Iberian shoulder, a piece which comes from the front legs of the pig, shares the majority of the characteristics of ham.

After a curing process which varies between 24 and 36 months, the shoulder is ready for tasting. Its intensely aromatic meat exhibits a subtle combination of lean meat and very flavoursome fat marbling.



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    A whole shoulder, with its characteristic black hoof exposed, is the most traditional method of presentation. It requires a knife to remove the skin and then cut the shoulder into thin slices. Also fundamental is a good “jamonero” to hold the shoulder firmly and begin the cutting ceremony.


    The whole shoulder, but without the bone, black hoof and skin. A format designed for those who put convenience before the ritual of cutting the shoulder in its “jamonero”.

    Machine-cut slices

    90 grams of exquisite acorn-fed Iberian shoulder, in thin, uniform slices. Vacuum-packed to keep all its properties intact.