Iberico “Salchichón” Sausage

Marcial Iberico acorn-fed “salchichón”, traditional and aromatic

Made with lean Iberico pork and natural ingredients

Marcial acorn-fed “salchichón” is a traditional cold meat from the Iberico pig, made with a carefully selected combination of lean pork and natural spices, and cured in the cold, dry air of Guijuelo.

Its characteristic flavour, together with the fine and subtle aroma imparted by the spices used in its preparation, distinguish it clearly from other cold meats.



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    Whole and maintaining all its properties intact. Open, cut into thin slices… and enjoy.

    Machine-cut slices

    40 and 80 grams of exquisite Iberian acorn-fed salchichón, in thin, uniform slices. Vacuum-packed to keep all its properties intact.

    Half salchichón

    A stylish pack with 3 half-pieces of Iberian acorn-fed salchichón. A practical solution for sharing with the family or so that you can open a fresh salchichón every so often.