Iberico Pork Loin

Marcial Iberian pork loin, on a par with acorn-fed ham

Fat-free, a natural curing process and a special aroma for the most discerning palates

In the hierarchy of Iberian cold meats, this is on a par with acorn-fed ham. That is the opinion of many experts and gastronomists. By rights, pork loin occupies a privileged position among the gourmet products of the Iberian pig.

This product, made with the muscle which runs along the spine of the Iberian pig, is practically free of external fat. Delicate seasoning, using a recipe handed down from our grandparents, and natural curing for a minimum of 3 months give the meat its special, characteristic aroma, maintaining all its original properties to satisfy the most demanding palates.



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    Whole and maintaining all its properties intact. Open, cut into thin slices… and enjoy.

    Machine-cut slices

    40 and 80 grams of exquisite acorn-fed Iberian pork loin, in thin, uniform slices. Vacuum-packed to keep all its properties intact.

    Half loins

    A stylish pack with 3 half-pieces of acorn-fed Iberian pork loin. A practical solution for sharing with the family or so that you can open a fresh pack every so often.