Iberico Ham

Marcial acorn-fed Iberian ham, unrivalled flavour and unctuousness.

Traditional production and curing, in the cold, dry air of Guijuelo

Aroma, unctuousness, an incomparable flavour… it is ham, an icon of Spanish cuisine, highly-prized the world over. Obtained from the back legs of the Iberian pig, Marcial acorn-fed ham is cured for anything between 24 and 48 months.

The production method is completely traditional and the ham is cured in our natural drying rooms in Guijuelo. An unhurried, manual process, in the cold, dry mountain air.

When cut, its colour varies between intense and dark red, with a particular feature being the extensive fat marbling which gives Marcial Castro ham its characteristic flavour and unctuousness.



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    A whole ham, with its characteristic black hoof exposed, is the most traditional method of presentation. It requires a knife to remove the skin and then cut the ham into thin slices. Also fundamental is a good “jamonero”, or ham holder, to hold the ham firmly and begin the cutting ceremony.


    The whole ham, but without the bone, skin and fats. A format designed for those who put convenience before the ritual of cutting the ham in its “jamonero”.

    Knife-cut slices

    “It tastes better cut with a knife”. These are the words used to present this 40 and 80-gram pack containing thin slices, hand-cut in the traditional manner. Acorn-fed ham, vacuum-packed to preserve all its freshly-cut flavour and aroma.