Iberico Chorizo

Marcial acorn-fed Iberian “chorizo”, a select cold meat

Made with lean Iberian pork and natural ingredients

A classic with popular roots, which is showcased alongside the most select cold meats.

Marcial acorn-fed Iberian chorizo is made with minced chunks of lean pork with natural raw materials: salt, paprika, oregano and garlic, which is then stuffed into natural intestine.

After a curing period of no less than 3 months, it is perfect for tasting, either on a plate or in a sandwich.



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    Whole and maintaining all its properties intact. Open, cut into thin slices… and enjoy.

    Machine-cut slices

    40 and 80 grams of exquisite acorn-fed Iberian chorizo, in thin, uniform slices. Vacuum-packed to keep all its properties intact.

    Half chorizo

    A stylish pack with 3 half-pieces of acorn-fed Iberian chorizo. A practical solution for sharing with the family or so that you can open a fresh chorizo every so often.