More than 100 years of tradition, guaranteed by up to date quality controls

Traditional methods and modern installations combine in perfect harmony

Essentially, little has changed in the way we produce our Iberian ham and cold meats. The air that cures them is the same. The traditional methods are accorded the utmost respect. The eyes which oversee the process are those of the children and grandchildren of the people who created it with love and care in the last century.

Time continues to ebb and flow and, perhaps because we respect it in an unhurried way, it is generous with our products, giving them aroma and flavour.

What’s more, cutting-edge technology is present at Marcial in the form of modern installations and machinery, the necessary resources which make us competitive in the Iberian meat industry and allow us to meet current quality controls and certifications with ease

These are also new times for the presentation of our products. Our modern packs of sliced meats, which are more stylish and convenient, keep all the essence of the Iberian product intact. Acorn-fed ham and cold meats with a freshly cut taste.

This is Marcial, tradition brought up to date. An enduring classic which the new generations adopt as their own.